Quick user guide:

At the begining you see four EXAPMLE searches. Their role is just to show you how the system works. You can change them, rename, adjust rules for your own needs.
You can also delete them and create your own searches, with your custom rules.

1) Create new search
Add new set. Just type the name and click "save" (1). New search will appear (2) ready to edit. create search 2) Define rules
Use "new rule" and "new odds rule" to add your search requirements (3). Adjust your new rules (4).
Specify statistic conditions, like number of points, goals, wins etc. for home and away team.
Use you imagination :) edit search 3) Search
After all this hard work use your new rules to search (5) for games that may be profitable (6).
Define your rules once and use them before every weekend! search football games 4) Edit rules
You can always adjust your rules, to find events more precisely. Click "edit" (7) button, change search conditions and run your search again (8). edit search rules